How To Get The Best Results From Your Web Designer

web designerCommunication is key when it comes to getting the website of your dreams. Before contacting a designer, there are some things you can do to help the process. Think through some of these points first.

  • Content: what do you want, who will write it, and is it ready?
  • Colors: what do you like and dislike?
  • Do you have a logo? Do you want one?
  • Style: look around for some examples of what you like/dislike.
  • Branding: what is your image or what do you want it to be? Does it appeal to your target market? Is it you?

Thinking through these elements before contacting your designer will help the process greatly. Communicating them is the next step! While some of this may seem like a no brainer… It’s easier said than done.

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine a world phone book. Ok, I know I’m dating myself here. If you don’t know what a phone book is, google it.   🙂    Anyway, you can imagine this phone book to be at least a mile thick.

Now imagine you asked the phone book makers to list your business in the world book. You are so excited to have your business available to the world! However, you failed to realize that the phone book makers neglected to list your business in the appropriate category and this fine book is not in alphabetical order. How in the world will anyone find your business?! They won’t.

While this may seem absurd, it happens all the time with websites. Your website may be the coolest site out there, but it’s pointless if a search engine can’t find it.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself or  your web designer:

  • What are your keywords?
  • Is your meta description clear and simple?
  • Do you even have a meta description?
  • Do other sites link to yours?

These questions are just a start. There is a lot that can be done to help your website shine in the jungle of the world-wide web.

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