It was a Friday night. The night of commencement. I was beat. Happy to be at home, I checked Facebook. A friend had messaged me saying that I was graduating with honors and wondering if I was there (at commencement).  Um. No. It was a rather anti-climactic end to my college career but I was fine with it. One word could explain my lackluster attitude at the end: BURNOUT. Yes, I’m happy to be graduating, and with honors to boot! Don’t get me wrong. But I was tired.

The next week was spent on a road trip with my kids. I looked at Facebook only to keep up with friends. I completely ignored everything else.  Aaaaaah!  Big sigh!  This week I can feel it’s starting to come back… that excitement over social media and web design… that excitement to help businesses with their online presence.

We need to re-boot once in a while. We need to take a break. If we don’t, we lose our passion. What do you do to avoid burnout or recover from it? Let me know below. And have a great day!


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