Continuing Education

educationAs a small business owner, what do you do to educate yourself and stay up on the latest developments in your industry? With our world constantly changing, it’s a subject we can’t avoid. I’d like to explore a few options here and I’d really like to hear about your sources of education. has become a favorite of mine. If they were accepting new applications to their affiliate program, I’d probably apply. They have a total of 1347 courses ranging in subjects from Home Computing, Business, Design, Photography, and the list goes on. A membership has become part of my business budget and it’s so worth it.

Another source for education which is a bit more informal and is something I do almost every day is reading blogs. I have a number of blogs I read that deal with Social Media Marketing and Web Design. It’s always the latest information and keeps me up to date on the latest trends which makes it easier for me to help my clients be more effective.

Finally, I will occasionally follow the groups I’ve joined on LinkedIn. These groups are an informal way to get a glimpse of other peoples problems and the solutions that are offered by colleagues. They are a great source of help and a great way to help others if you have the experience.

So, how do you keep up on the latest in your industry? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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